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My Librarian

Sometimes a simple task like choosing a book to read can seem overwhelming. To make it easier you can browse through reading recommendations and even contact a librarian directly for expert advice on what to read next. 

Meet the Librarians

Brenda W. 

My LIbrarian Brenda W.Romantic Suspense, Mysteries and Cozy Mysteries, Suspense Fiction.

Ask Brenda what to read

Read more about Brenda and her recommendations


Breanna N.

My Librarian BreannaEpic Fantasy, Historical, Young Adult,War Literature, Autobiography/Memoir, Animal Stories.

ask Breanna what to read

Read more about Breanna and her recommendations

Dave B.

My Librarian Dave B.General Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, History, Western, Young Adult.

Ask Dave what to read

Read more about Dave and his recommendations


Jane V.

My Librarian Jane V.Contemporary Romance, Realistic Fiction, YA, Psychological Thrilllers, Chick lit, and Movies.
Ask Jane V what to read

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Janna C.

Janna C.Romance fiction, Family sagas, Inspirational fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, Children’s Fiction.

Ask Janna What to read

Read more about Janna and her recommendations


Jessie W.

Jessie W.Speculative Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Quirky Nonfiction, Children's Fiction

Ask Jessie What to Read

Read more about Jessie and her recommendations.

Karen A.

Karen A.Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Medieval mysteries, Science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Cookbooks.
Ask Karen A what to read

Read more about Karen and her recommendations.


Mélanie B.

Melanie BYoung Adults, Historical Fiction, Cookbooks, Children’s Fiction, Fantasy and Graphic Novels.
Ask Melanie what to Read next

Read more about Mélanie B. and her recommendations.

Sandra P.

Sandra P.Family dramas, Psychological thrillers, Horror, Biographies, Health & Nutrition and Children's fiction.
Ask Sandra P. What to read

Read more about Sandra and her recommendations


Shannon B.

My Librarian Shannon BTeen, New Adult, Romance, Genealogy, TV Series and Movies.

Ask Shannon what to Read

Read more about Shannon and her recommendations

Trevor P.

My Librarian Trevor P.

Canadian Authors, Music, Writing, History, Politics and Current Events.

Ask Suzanne what to read

Read more about Trevor and his recommendations


Virginia S.

Literary Classics, 19th Century Literature and Non-Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, History of Medicine.

Read more about Virginia and her recommendations 

Wendy R.

My Librarian Wendy RHistorical Fiction, Biographies, Non-Fiction, Arts and Crafts, Writing, and Audiobooks.

Ask Wendy R what to read

Read more about Wendy and her recommendations