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Online Art Workshops with artist Sheila Wright 

Acrylic Pouring

Learn to create your own stunning artwork using acrylic paints and fluid medium. Everything you need to make this project is included in the price. Artist Sheila Wright will guide you through the process in a 30 minute prerecorded video.* Follow step-by-step instructions to create your own acrylic pour painting. (*approximate time) 

Cost: $30 (cash only please)  Beginners welcome! 

Register by emailing gallery@bellevillelibrary.ca or call us at 613-968-6731 x 2040

July Workshop: Deadline to register: Saturday, July 16. Pick-up Wednesday, June 22

Cloud Pour: Learn how to mix Cloud Paint and layer it into a pouring cup with other colours. Then watch as beautiful clouds appear on your canvas like magic.

Everything needed to create a 10" x 10" work of art will be included in your kit.

To view an introductory video on this workshop, click HERE



August Workshops: You can choose to do one or both projects. Cost $30 per project. Deadline to register: Saturday, August 20. Pick-up Wednesday 24 

Pink and Gold Lace Swipe

Pour beautiful colours onto the canvas, then swipe gold across to create a lace effect. The colours will react with each other and blend into a stunning work of art.

Everything to create a 9" x 12" painting is included in kit.

To view an introductory video on this workshop, click HERE


Poured Wine Glasses (set of 2)

Dip the base of wine glasses into a puddle of fluid paints to create stunning, one-of-a-kind works of functional art. Glasses can be easily heat-sealed in your own oven to preserve the designs (instructions included), or apply your choice of coating/resin.

Everything you need to create 2 wine glasses is included in the kit.

To view an introductory video on this workshop, click HERE



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