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Cricut Maker

What is Cricut?

Cricut Maker machineCricut is a brand of cutting machines and crafting materials. Cricut machines can cut highly detailed designs on a variety of materials, including cardstock, vinyl and fabric.




Where do I design my project?

Use Cricut Design Space to prepare your project for cutting and to send your project to the Cricut Maker cutting machine. Cricut Design Space is a software program that connects to the Cricut Maker via Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Download Cricuit Design Space free at

You will need to set up your own Cricut Design Space account (i.e. Cricut ID).

Some design features on Cricut Design Space are free, while others can be purchased. You can also import your own .png files into Cricut Design Space. One website we like to use for designing is Canva, which offers both free and paid account options. You can download your design from Canva and import it into Cricut Design Space. Here are instructions if you have a free Canva account or a Pro Canva account.

What Cricut Equipment does the Library have?

Belleville Public Library has the following tools available for you to use:

  • Cricuit Maker cutting machineMug PressEasy Press 2
  • Fine Point Blade
  • Rotary Blade
  • Easy Press 2
  • Mug Press
  • Standard Grip Mat
  • Fabric Grip Mat
  • Weeding tools

How and when can I use the equipment?

If you would like to book some time to use our Cricut equipment, please email us at or give us a call at 613-968-6731 x 2037. We will book a one (1) hour session for you where a staff person will be available to assist you with the equipment. We will strive to book this session at a time that is convenient for you. It is recommended that you come to the session with your design already thought out as you will only have the one (1) hour to use the equipment. There is no charge to book a session. 

To use the equipment you will need a valid Belleville Public Library card and you will be asked to sign a waiver.  Youth ages 16 and younger will require a parent/guardian to sign the waiver.

If you would like to use the Cricut Maker cutting machine, we recommend creating your own Cricut Design Space account and preparing your design. When you arrive for your session, you can connect your laptop to the Library’s Cricut Maker, or you can sign into your Cricut account from the library’s laptop that is connected to the Cricut Maker. 

How much does it cost to use the Library’s Cricut equipment?

Use of the equipment is free. We do charge for materials; see below for a list. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own materials!

What materials are compatible with the Library’s Cricut Maker?

The Library’s Cricut Maker with Fine Point Blade can cut paper, cardstock, poster board, vinyl, iron-on, and other thin to medium weight materials. The Rotary Blade can cut fabrics and other soft, delicate, or less-dense materials, such as tissue paper and cork (for the Rotary Blade, the minimum image size is 2 cm as smaller cuts may damage the blade and mat).

Materials available for purchase at Belleville Public Library:

The following are available in limited supply and colours:

Material Cost
Permanent vinyl (12" x 15") $1.50 per sheet
Removable vinyl (12" x 12") $1.50 per sheet
Heat Transfer vinyl (12" x 10") $1.75 per sheet
Infusible Ink Sheets (9" x 3") $1.50 per sheet
Transfer Tape $1.00 per sheet (6 x 6)
  $2.00 per sheet (12 x 12)
Cardstock (8.5" x 11") $0.25 per sheet
Canvas Bag (13.6" x 15.3") $5.00 per bag
Cricut 340mL Mug $8.00 per mug***

Note - All prices include HST; cash only. Availability of material is not guaranteed. To ensure you have what you need for your project, please bring your own material.

***Only compatible Cricut mugs are to be used with the Mug Press. 

To guarantee the desired material for your project, we recommend purchasing material from:

Instructional Videos:

Before getting started with your project, we highly recommend setting up a free Cricut ID and exploring the Cricut Learn website:

Project Ideas: